Ikea Flytta Glowforge Cart

Does anyone actually have the Flytta for their Glowforge cart? I was hoping to see a picture of the Glowforge sitting on top. When I look at it online, it shows the dimensions as 38 5/8 x 22 1/2. I’m wondering if that includes the handles that jut out from the side.
[Flytta Kitchen Cart]


No idea but I would love that for paint buckets and other in-home projects.

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Knowing how they usually measure, yes that includes the handles - but the feet of the forge are inside the base, so you can see if it still might work: spacing of the feet

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I’d be hesitant to put my GF on anything with wheels, and when I first got mine I thought I could put it on my larger stainless steel work table, but there’s too much flex in the top, and that is not good for the GF. You need it on a very stable surface that does not flex, and this kitchen cart might be OK for a microwave oven, but not your GF.

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Good point. I’ve got mine on a metal filing cabinet - which is sitting on a board with 5 heavy duty wheels (4 corners, 1 center) and it does just fine, but that cabinet is heavy. When one of the corner wheels broke (before I got the heavy duty ones) the sag made my alignment slowly get worse and worse and it took some creative sleuthing for the staff to help me figure out what I’d done!

The shipping weight on the Flytta is 48lbs, so it’s pretty heavy duty - but yeah, @carissawiley you might look into putting a 5th wheel on there if you actually intend to move it.

Would you hesitate to put it on something like this also?


That one is 130lbs! Definitely as heavy as my filing cabinet

It seems pretty sturdy…and this whole “too much flex” idea is new to me.

I like that the wheels are wider, so better weight distribution, and the frame looks less likely to “rack” or twist. Not sure what’s under the top, but you could always add another board if the one on the cart doesn’t seem strong enough. Since the GF weighs 75lb, I’d make sure it can hold double that.

But I’ve been considering using IKEA’s BROR cart https://www.ikea.com/us/en/p/bror-utility-cart-black-pine-plywood-60333850/
, but not with the wheels, since I like my unit on a lower table top, but if you want your unit on wheels, take a look at that system (also a lot cheaper).

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I got two such carts from Habitat for Humanity store that have locking wheels for $18 each. I had the idea that one would for the 3D printer and one for the Glowforge but my eye for scaling was off a bit and each is just a bit too small so the 3d printer sits on the larger one, and I still feel good about the score.

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