IKEA Hack: BISSA Shoe Cabinet

Congrats! That’s really very beautiful. I’m still waiting for my Glowforge… I ordered the Pro System in January and I’m still waiting! I can’t hardly wait to get started!!!


You are going to love it! Looking forward to seeing what you create.:grinning:

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Thats pretty fancy schmancy!! :smile::+1:


What a stunning upgrade to the cabinet! Would love to see what you come up with next.

Stunning! Congratulations! One question: I heard that the further you cut/etch from the main camera, the more dimensional inaccuracies you get. Last I heard you get as much as a quarter inch difference at the extreme. Have you had this issue, and if so how have you dealt with it? Thanks.

That’s only for placement, not for cutting. If you’re trying to line up your object precisely with some spot on the material, it’s going to work better if whatever you’re referencing is in the middle of the bed. But whatever you’re cutting is going to be perfectly accurate all the way across, in reference to itself.

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Ah thanks! That’s most reassuring!

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