IKEA Ostbit tray with nitrocellulose lacquer

I bought some trays at IKEA the other day, hoping to score them. Today I realized that it feels like there is some sort of coating on it. Wanting to be safe, I looked up the trays on the IKEA website and found that they are bamboo with nitrocellulose lacquer. Is it safe to score on nitrocellulose lacquer?

Check out #4:


Here’s a link to the MSDS:

I think you’re ok just be sure your ventilation is working well. (Like with anything you laser)


I already searched the forum for nitrocellulose lacquer, with only one result that wasn’t conclusive. I can’t find anything on the link you sent me that discusses nitrocellulose lacquer. (But that could very well just be because I have no idea anything about chemicals and missed something that an expert would see as the same thing.)

No it doesn’t mention nitrocellulose, what it does is give you some context about what to look out for — arguably more valuable.

There are lists at the end of “things never to laser”, so if it’s not on there it’s probably ok — given that these are entirely amateur opinions. As always, be careful when taking any advice online (including mine).