I'll soon be living in Glowconsin!


I got my tracking Info 2 weeks and a day after the first Golden e-mail. I’ll be living in Glowconsin by the weekend. :proofgrade: comes tomorrow. No official e-mail from :glowforge: but here’s the UPS tracking notice I received from MY UPS. It looks like there is no longer a number in the address line like there was in the first few posted.

Can’t wait to share some of the projects I have in mind. I have an idea for an acrylic vent outlet for my window, but how do I cut stinky acrylic to make a vent when I don’t have a vent to get rid of the fumes??? I guess that cardboard that I saved up from Amazon orders will come in handy for a temporary vent. Probably hand cut so i can do the initial fun stuff first!


AWESOME! Exciting, isn’t it?!

Tomorrow I’ll be living in Pennsylglownia? :slight_smile:


It departed from Sunnyvale?!

They should send my Glowforge since the city has my name in it!

Woohoo - you get to play soon! :squeee:




What a great way to start the weekend. Looking forward to seeing what you do with it!


Congratulations!! Hopefully it won’t be long till shipments start heading for the Lone-Forge state :smile:


Yeah… Happy dance!! :squee:
So exciting seeing these go out. Cant wait to see what you do!!



Boo on them changing the tracking to show “GF” and the name now. I liked it with the numbers.


Ah jealous! I’m down in Madison…we should hang out! :wink:



How many days before shipping do they ask for the address to be delivered?.

Waiting eagerly for mine.


It can be as quick as a week but most people get it around 2 weeks from their email.

Still waiting for my to ship. I got my letter on the 30th.


Ok. Well I am located in India. I hope I get mine by july 31.:sunglasses:


SWEET!! Congrats!!


Give me a week or so to show it off and quiet down all my local skeptics and we can set something up. Not a long drive at all.


Sunnyvale: horrifically misnamed. Should be something like “One Large Industrial Park Ville.”


I like the idea of you bootstrapping to an acrylic vent. I look forward to your Friday!


Hahaha! Yeah - I looked it up and it’s where all the Industrial Buildings are. Apple, Yahoo, Google etc…

Doesn’t sound so Sunny… :thinking:


The vent thing is a cool idea. My son-in-law suggested I make a ‘pretty’ one out of acrylic…you know, maybe engraved with lovely designs. I might do it someday…or not. It would though, make my old window area a lot more attractive without that eyesore dryer vent in it. Have great fun, Bill! Best wishes from Oreglow! Oh wait…that should be Glow-ry-gon!


mightily looking forward to GLOWTUCKY myself. :slight_smile:


you’re in ky? whereabouts?