Illustrator file not aligning properly

I have been using Illustrator CC to create a coaster (file attached)
coaster duke univ logo (491.1 KB)
with the Duke University logo. In Illustrator and on the preview, the image and the cut lines are perfectly aligned. When the job runs, the inner image and the cut line are noticeably out of alignment.
If I open the exported .svg file in Inkscape, I can see that the items are not aligned properly.
Any ideas why this might be happening and how I can avoid it in the future?

hi @chiphale I tried to look at your file, but the middle logo is linked which mean it’s not part of the .ai file you uploaded, so I couldn’t really look at what was going wrong.

Could you embed the linked file and reshare? Or maybe share the exported SVG?

Everything I can see so far looks like it should be fine. But if you’re seeing the problem in the SVG, then it’s probably a problem with the art and not with your machine.

Good luck!


Ah, many thanks for pointing that out.
Here is a link to the Illustrator file: Files | Adobe Creative Cloud

I’ll try and post an .svg file too but it seems to be skipping the embedded image for now.

trying again with a .zip file
coaster duke univ logo (430.2 KB)

File is fine, everything is perfectly aligned.

Hmmm I don’t see how to actually open the file from here.

I do see the mis-alignment in your SVG.
I imagine it could have something to do with how you’re exporting the SVG, or how you’re embedding the graphic.

If I can actually see your .ai I’ll take a look for you.

Another option in this case is not to use Illustrator at all =P if you’re just trying to cut a circle around an engraved logo – you can do all that in GFUI pretty easilly.

Good luck!

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