Illustrator for iPad resizing issues

Alright, I’m at a loss here. I have some designs that I have created on illustrator for iPad or that I’ve bought and edited on illustrator for iPad and whenever I move them to the glowforge app they are a good deal smaller. This is problematic when I’m building something that is super precise. I’ve looked at previous conversations and tried all the suggested fixes. My artboard is 12x20, I don’t have the responsive box checked, I tried doing a PDF instead of an SVG. And still none of that has fixed the issue.

Please help! I’m desperate to make projects that actually fit together without having to resize everything in the glowforge app :face_exhaling:

I’m not sure what is causing your issue but here is my standard procedure for ensuring size is correct from AI:

Make a box around all your artwork of a known size (like 12x20).
Include this box when you upload.
Select everything in the GFUI
Use the small ruler icon in the bottom left of your GFUI to resize your box enclosed objects to your known size.
Delete the box.
Everything else will now be the correct size.


Thank you, that’s so helpful! I’ll give it a try


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