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how do i join these two images to cut as one? I tried group option and it does show it as one in illustrator but on the printer it still shows it as 2 cuts. 1. leaf, 2. apple. it would be a great help to me to cut it out as one image.
Thanks in advance!!


Problems and Support is a section of the forum for reporting problems with the Glowforge. Your problem is not with the Glowforge, it is with your understanding of Illustrator. I suspect you need to join the leaf to the apple stem, but I don’t use Illustrator. I suggest you review some Illustrator tutorials.

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Select both objects.
Go to the Pathfinder Palette (find it in the Window menu).
Choose Unite.
Then turn it back into an object with no fill, but a stroke.


Thank you! Will try that now.

Any luck?

Worked perfect!

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Making them the same color would also have worked. The GFUI groups operations by color.


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I saw that too. Thank you!

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