Illustrator Losing Preferences

Hi Amazing community!
Illustrator seems to frequently forget my settings,

Example, I love to have the GF swatches located here, but it removes it once in a while.

Also once I pruned the swatches down to just the bottom ones, and it forgets that also.

(and I can’t remember how I did it)

Do you have any advice?

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Have you tried saving your preferred setup as a custom workspace?


Ahh, that was it. :slight_smile: I did that once, then reset it and it came back.


Thank you!!! :smiley:


do you have a workspace configuration that works best for you that you’d be willing to share? :smiley:

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I would totally be happy to share - but I generally leave the basic workspace alone since GF is not my primary use for Illustrator. :grimacing:
I use a GF template and swatch library that I load up when needed. (Both based on the ones that were shared by others in this forum a few years ago)


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