Illustrator on iPad Scaling Issue

When I create a design in Adobe Illustrator for iPad and then upload it into the GF interface, it scales my SVG down. Any ideas? I have units set to inches, SVG as unresponsive and am using an art board of 12” x 20”.

This issues is driving me crazy!

Any help would be great! THANKS.

I’ll have to let someone else help you but i have seen suggestions of saving as pdf and the sizing isn’t an issue…

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Welcome to the forum.
If you search “Illustrator Resizing” you will find lots and lots of posts. Basically you need to uncheck the responsive setting in Illustrator or go the pdf route.

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There’s been a ton of discussion around Illustrator resizing and how to save things right - but with the iPad version being relatively new, that might introduce a new variable…

Any chance you could upload an example SVG that is resizing so we can check the file out? Might be that it saves differently than the desktop version.

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Thanks all. Yes, the iPad version is where I’m running into the issues. I’ll try the PDF route and also upload a since file later today. It does it with every file I create.

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Oh no, I’m sorry you’ve hit a snag!

Would you let us know if the PDF route, and suggestions from others above, fixes the issue?

Using AI on the iPad, I just tried making a 1 inch square artboard containing a plain 0.5 inch vector square. I clicked “Publish and export”, then “Export as”, selected SVG as the format, made sure “Responsive” was not checked, and then hit the Export button. On the next screen I choose Airdrop (to my desktop) as the save destination.

The SVG opened in the GFUI at 0.375" square. It opened in AI (desktop version) at 0.5" square.
I did a Save-As with my normal SVG settings and no other changes, and that one opened in the GFUI at 0.5" as it should have.

Going back to the iPad version, I tried the same Export procedure but selected PDF. It loaded into the GFUI at 0.5" square.

Next, I used the desktop version of AI to open the cloud file of my original (iPad-made) half-inch square, selected it, hit copy, and then pasted it into the GFUI dashboard. It loaded as 0.5" square.

Finally, on the iPad, I again exported as a PDF but saved it to “Files” on the iPad. I went to the GFUI dashboard with the Chrome browser on iPad, and clicked Create >Upload from file, and selected my half-inch square PDF. It loaded into the GFUI as 0.5" square.

Conclusion: at the moment, SVGs from AI mobile app need to go through the desktop version, or a bounding box of a known dimension (and unique color) needs to be placed around the entire design for easy re-scaling in the app. PDFs don’t appear to have the same issues.

-disclaimer- AI for iPad is pretty new and we can expect things to change as it matures.
Also, this is a very simple test, with a single vector object and no text or embedded graphics.


if someone cares enough to poke around in the code, here is the first svg straight from the ipad:
Half inch square 01 Artboard 1
and here is the same graphic after doing the Save-as on the desktop:


It’s been a little while since I’ve seen any replies on this thread @xjclassic96 so I’m going to close it. If you still need help with this please either start a new thread or email