Illustrator script/plugin for maximizing tiled GF prints?

Anyone know of a plugin or script for AI that allows you to tile/tesselate your artwork to maximize the number of prints/cuts per sheet?

I create a piece and then copy paste it using the GF UI which is okay… but I’d rather upload an SVG of something that mathematically spaces out my pieces to allow for the most printing or cutting for any given piece of wood.

Ex. Im cutting little wooden stands for my 5x7 photo prints. Each stand is made up of two unique pieces. Is there a way I can click a button in AI and automatically copy paste these pieces and arrange them so I get the most out of each print? A script? A 3rd party plugin? People would eat this function up if it were included in the GF UI.


Assuming that you are designing on a 12x20 artboard, you can copy and paste to fill the document and use a program such as to optimize spacing.


i googled “nesting plugin for Illustrator” and came up with the following hit, but don’t know anything about it.

1 Like is a really cool tool I’ve been playing with for this purpose, however it hasn’t worked perfectly seamlessly for me, so I’m still figuring it out.

But here’s what it looks like in action (sped up… it’s been running 10-15 minutes now):

For this particular example of an ornament design, I think I could place it pretty optimally myself, much faster than using this program to do it.

But for something with multiple parts, I think this would work great.
I also think this tool runs a lot faster with simpler shapes (more straight line edges and such).

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You guys are awesome!!! I’ll check out the suggestions as soon as I get home.

Thanks so much!