I'm devastated. UPS destroyed my Glowforge

Over 2 years I’ve waited. Built a shop. Today was the big day. Christmas. Only to have the UPS driver say I wouldn’t want the second package… Because the moron, who TOLD me he saw FRAGILE all over the box couldn’t bother to secure said fragile box from flying all over or falling from the mostly empty truck. The glass was all over the floor and the box you could hear all the glass rolling around inside. I was THIS close to having them hold it for pick up and my boyfriend talked me out of it. It would be in my shop right now. This was how I was going to earn money for Christmas. JUST IN THE KNICK OF TIME. Now what!?!

Is my only option right now to email frickin support@glowforge.com!?!?! There is no one I can CALL @dan !?!?!


This is heartbreaking. So sorry this happened to you. I wish GF had an emergency number.

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Inexcusable. That loader needs a few unpaid days off.
Glowforge has done a great job picking up UPS’s slack and getting replacements out quickly.

Sorry you have to deal with this.

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Sorry! :cry:

Is there really no phone number Jules!? :frowning:

No, if they gave that out I’d be calling them all the time, so it’s a self preservation measure on their part.

Just enjoy the holiday and they’ll get one to you asap. Sux. :weary:


They didn’t give you the Illuminati number? :wink:


Stop that! :upside_down_face:


Sounds just like UPS. So sorry you have to deal with that!

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No words for this.
I can only imagine your state of mind at this time. Sorry about Christmas.

They WILL make it good, so there is that, but I agree that there should be some immediate way to backhand the delivery system over junk like this.

Then again, sometimes a backhand CAN work badly. We had problems with a postman (actually a woman). We complained. We thankfully noticed that NONE of our bills were being delivered for a month. Payed the bills and complained again. Got a new delivery person.
We were told that when a strong Union is involved, not much you can do. (lesson learned)

Crappy lesson, but a point to make. --> Wait until your GOOD Glowforge arrives before retailiation.

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Oh no! I’m so sorry this happened. Thanks for posting about it here.

I’ll follow up with you via email to resolve this.