I'm doing something wrong here

I’ve got this design. Cutouts with some engraving, but for the life of me … I cant get it to come up but a total engrave. Help

I can’t tell if you’re really asking for help or kidding? The smiley is throwing me off.

If you’re asking for help you’ll need to provide a lot more info… maybe even the art that you’re trying to get help with.

Sorry … I thought I posted the file . Let me try this again .



Well I’ve tried to upload file here 3 time … it is not working … can anyone help with this so I can get help with the original question … (lol)

The file is there just very small in discourse. I downloaded it and am looking at it. Others probably understand the issue better and hopefully will chime in.

thanks for the reply … I was not sure that I really uploaded it at all … its been a rough night … lol

What S/W did you create the file in? I’m only familiar with Inkscape and this is not a problem that I have. Different objects are clones of other objects. It’s kind of Greek to me but still looking.

File was in Inkscape

OK. I don’t pretend to understand but if you select the hearts one by one and unlink the clone under the edit tab then everything works out in the GF UI. I assume you might want to change the color of the outside heart so that you can cut it separately? Wasn’t sure if all the hearts were cuts or some were to be scores.

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Hearts are all cuts. Text is engraved

The way Discourse displays SVGs requires you to add some more zeros to the size in the height and width to get it to display correctly.

Here is a good post to explain that.

That’s an interesting issue with the clone coming in as an full engrave over the whole object. I haven’t seen that before. But @rpegg is correct about unlinking the clones to get it to work correctly. Let us know how it went.

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even after trying the suggestion by @rpegg I still get

Maybe it’s time to restart the file and try again

Well, that IS weird.

It loads in as a solid engrave, but you can switch it to “cut.” What’s weird (in addition to that) is that the text is filled with no stroke AND is a different color than the stroked lines, but doesn’t come up in its own step. So when you switch the hearts to cut, you’ll end up having the text cut out, too.

I don’t know WHY it’s acting that way. It’s a simple enough design! I’m going to go poke at it some more…


Each of your hearts was a clone and a single-object group. And the outermost one was two on top of each other, which would have made them not cut. I un-cloned and un-grouped each one, and now it comes in fine:

Here’s the SVG with that imported correctly:


The problem will likely resurface in other files if you continue to use the clone tool. Would have uploaded the fix but figured you needed to go through the process to see the cause. Sorry. It was after midnight for me so didn’t wait around to see if you got it.

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I send clones to the ui all the time without issue. I’m not sure what the issue is but clones by themselves aren’t the problem.

The GFUI can handle clones.

The issue is that the original heart has been “deleted” at some point. Since the other hearts are clones that reference back to the original (ie: if you edit the original, the clones update) the original can’t really be deleted otherwise that would break the references to it, so Inkscape makes it hidden. The GFUI does not handle that aspect, apparently.

So, to fix this file, yes breaking the cloning link as others have said is how to go about it.

In future projects, if you want to make copies of objects and don’t need to maintain any links between them, the “Make Duplicate” (Ctrl+D) command does that.


I don’t think this is accurate.

If you delete an original path it’s the same as unlinking all its clones. I do this frequently with no ill effect.

I’m not sure what’s up but I don’t think deleting the original by itself is a problem.

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You should take a look and see what you can find. It’s definitely odd.

Thanks for the help !
It was a very strange issue. We decided just to remake it and that ended up being the correct decision anyway. The parts as originally designed would not have completed the project like we wanted so it looks like my troubles were for the best. And we got to learn a bit more.

Again … Thanks for all the help

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