I'm frustrated and angry.... Its actually very rare for me

So got my GF Pro so I am excited watch tutorials set it up and it worked great made Xmas ornaments and split Monogram. Showed friends on social media and got tons of orders and requests. All good and exciting right?? Now my glowforge over heats and stops if try to cut more than 1 4 inch by 4 inch ornimant it stop cools down but restarts in wrong spot so its not usable ornament. So I cut 1 at a time then I have to clean lens after each cut of small orniment and now today I have tried and it wont cut anything all the way thru its cleaned witood is flat and held down with magnets. I am thinking of calling everyone and saying I cant complete their order due to my $7,000 pos paper weight. Any help or suggestions? Can I just return

I’d recommend something other than magnets. It sounds like they are disrupting the function of the fan on the head.


Hi Thanks this was happening with the clips too I tried the magnets thinking they are stronger and I can place closer to areas that may be up . I appreciate the reply very much though

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Do you have the filter unit too? What is the room temp?

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HI, yes I purchased the filter as well. I use it in my garage but it finished I am in CA the temp in room is 65 - 68.

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@jeffreyp might be onto it… if you are running it with the filter and you start to see the machine filling with smoke, it means the filter cartridge is getting clogged and not drawing the air through as readily…that can cause overheating in the machine.

Is the machine filling with smoke? If so, it’s time for a new filter cartridge. (But you probably want to dodge the magnets too. They can cause problems.)


Think about what you know about magnets, wires and moving rapidly in a strong magnetic field, and then think of what is happening with a spinning fan and al the sensors etc. Then try waving a screwdriver above your magnets about the height of the head carriage.

I was out a machine that had to go back to the Mothership before I had figured it out, Now there is a sensor that triggers the overheating when the fan behind the carriage stops spinning and overheats,

HI Thanks We did a deep clean from the youtube video with instructions. I have only had the unit for 2 weeks so I hope it not as bad as that I will check into it. Thanks again!!!

Cleaning the machine won’t help the filter if it’s clogged. (If you’re not using the filter to run the jobs then it’s some other problem…but those filters can clog up in under 10 hours of use time if you are cutting the wrong materials. Some materials like draftboard and MDF can clog them up really fast. Just check to see the smoke level in the machine while the job is running…you can really tell when it’s clogged.)

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as a follow on to @jules comment. you should see the smoke in the unit actually MOVING toward the exhaust fan if everything is working correctly.

and that air flow is responsible for cooling the laser etc. too. so if you don’t have adequate air flow, you’re going to have a problem.

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I recently received my GF Pro and the first couple of cuts I made with the filter attached I didn’t turn the knob so the filter would turn on. I also didn’t have the GF printer toggle set correctly in the GFUI.

I’m assuming you have done both of these?

Yeah stop using magnets and vent that sucker outside rather than through a $250 filter element.


Yeah, it was a sad day for those of us who like playing with magnets the day they turned that fan sensor on. And highly confusing to everyone until it was figured out.


Thanks… Yes I have my first cut on the good measure item was smokey and stinky LOL All good on setting now THANKS

Glad to hear you are rocking and rolling again!

Hello @jkimble, I sincerely apologize for the delay in jumping in here. Its sounds like this might all be sorted out for you now thanks to our amazing forum members. Thank you all!

Are things working better now?

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No, it’s not working at all. I literally have over 100 orders that I am contacting to apologize for not being able to complete the work. I tried to think hack saw blades to finish where it doesn’t cut thru but it looks like shit when so I won’t sell that, I was originally going to make and sell jewelry for my wife’s boutique. I can’t see it ever cutting anything that small. I sent a message directly to support begging someone to call me. I have had a lot of advice from nice people and have tried it all. nothing worked yet.

I wish I was never been rolling. Made 1 set of samples everyone loved them!!! Have over 100 orders I can’t fill and I look like an idiot now. I don’t get how they had no problem taking over $7,000.00 from me but now I have a problem I can’t reach anyone. I just wish I paid with my AMEX at least they would have given my money back and has someone that I can reach on the phone. Thanks for checking in.

So what isn’t working?

you need to be specific.

and as to detail people engraved on grains of rice.

The glowforge is a tremendously capable machine. it has a significant learning curve.

materials have to be perfectly flat.

new materials have to be experimented with. Heck i was using a material that I learned about here. the settings weren’t working for me. very frustrating. turned out the SKU on my material was different from the video I’d seen and what @eflyguy had used with the same level of success.

different manufacturer. … totally different result.

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Hey @jkimble,

I’m so sorry to hear the trouble has continued and for the frustrating experience you’re having. We don’t offer phone support right now, so unfortunately online is the best and only way for us to help. No matter what, we will do everything we can to get you back up and printing as quickly as possible.

I just went back and reviewed the logs from your Glowforge again. I’m seeing a lot of trouble with your autofocuser. Could you please post of a photo of the bottom of your printer head like the one below?


Once I have that photo, I’ll follow up with next steps. Thank you!

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