Im getting the lid open error!

I just was about to do my second ever passthrough print and my machine says Lid Open. i have read about 6 other threads and followed reccomendations from community and staff but it just still thinks the lid is open even though it is not! what now?

Then you know that the dreaded black cable is a solid possibility and Support will have to confirm :grimacing:

Your talking about the flex cable at the rear right? If so then I am aware but it has no markings or tight creases indicating any issues.

You might not see it…a crease is a dead give-away, but they can eventually wear and break inside over time too. (Even with no external indications.)

Let support take a look at your logs…(and I hope that’s all it is, since it’s easily user replaceable.)

In the meantime, open the lid and make sure the front drop-down door is fully upright and resting against the case…that can also throw the error.

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yeah, i hope they can see from the logs. i have tried cleaning all mating surfaces and everything. i hopes its just that cable then.

As one who has replaced one, it is certainly user replaceable, but I would take issue with the “easy” part. Easily damaged while replacing perhaps but the sticky is one shot and it is welded, so resetting will damage it, But if you are very careful it makes quite a change.

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I’m so sorry about the trouble. I see you’ve also emailed us about this and I’ve just followed up there. To avoid duplicate communication, I’m going to close this post and will continue to work on this through email.

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