I'm looking into an SLA printer

Specifically. I am looking at the Peopoly Moai, for it’s print size, simplicity and cost. If anyone has a Moai, i’d love to hear if you love it or hate it.

If I had the cash to throw at a Formlabs I would, but I see it like the Makerbot of the SLA world. You get a great product, but you pay for that brand name. Years ago I bought a makerbot clone from Monoprice. The Makerbot of the day put out a slightly better print, but at half the cost, I found I could live with that little bit of difference.


That thing looks huge, but you can’t beat that price!

I have one…and I like it. It’s not as hands-off as the Form 2, nor is the resolution as precise, but then it is one-third the price. The resin is comparably cheaper as well. You will have a little more tweaking and fine-tuning compared to the Form 2. The output is, nonetheless, very good. I got mine from Matterhackers. If you decide to go for one make sure you get their chamber heater accessory. I had to get mine from their store in Hong Kong since at the time Matterhackers wasn’t carrying it.

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Prusa has a sla due to launch very soon - have you looked at this?

Yah, It’s not available until April, and about 1/2 the build volume.

I’ve also looked at the Phrozen

Fool me once on a crowdfunded large investment!

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