I'm Trying to like this thing...Aura

I received an Aura for Christmas, I was so excited. Now…I’m just disappointed. I have tried to cut and engrave several projects without success. The projects don’t fully cut out or they are off skew.
I have tried cleaning, calibrating, you name it, if it’s online I have tried it.
So disappointed my husband wasted his money. I needed to vent.

This company has great customer support. You can call them on the phone M-F and they’ll talk through your problems, or you can open a support ticket or email them. If you use Proofgrade material at Proofgrade settings that even comes with a 90 day warranty, so they may replace anything that didn’t cut right.

Contact info for support can be found here: https://support.glowforge.com/hc/en-us/requests/new


I hear your frustration, and many of us have felt very similar things. If you would post one project that you are trying to accomplish and the problems associated with the project, someone on the forum may be able to help you. Your husband wanted to give you joy and a creative outlet. I hope you don’t give up.


Thank you for the information. I will contact them tomorrow. I’m so upset with my aura, I honestly don’t want to mess with it anymore today.

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dklgood thank you for encouragement. I will keep going with it. LOL it’s not returnable.

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I don’t know if you have kids, but there were some Christmas tears at our house when the Legos just refused to create the magic that was expected or the remote control car smashed into the wall and never moved again. Tomorrow will be a better day, and forum members stand ready to help if you can’t get satisfaction from Support.


I’m so sorry to hear about your frustrating experience! I definitely want to make sure our team can help you with the issues with your Aura. As the community members have said, please do reach out to our team when you get a chance. They are available from 8am-3pm PT at 1-855-338-2122 and they would love to help.

And as always, the community will be here if you ever need to vent or get other opinions. Thank you for your patience!


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