Image contains a vector

im so lost…how do i fix this?

The error refers to a gradient. As it states, rasterize it (convert to bitmap) if you want to keep it, or delete it in your design application if you don’t.

i tried that with a file converter and it doesnt convert it correctly.

What design application are you using? i.e. Inkscape, Illustrator, Affinity, etc.?

A “file converter” isn’t a design application.

im using inkscape. i file convert so that way i can utilize the file.

In Inkscape, click on the element that has the gradient fill, and either remove the fill, or choose Edit/Convert to bitmap, depending on which you prefer. If you do convert to bitmap, you need to delete the original vector element.

I usually export to bitmap in Inkscape. You can do the selection, drawing or page. That keeps the original vector for further tweaking.

I usually just go to the object list and turn those objects off (poke them in the eye) so they will still be there if you need them.

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