Image I Deleted is Still Engraving

So I am having an issue where I delete something off my design board/or I move an image and it engraves where I moved the image and also where the image originally was.

Has anyone else had this happen. What is the solution?

Somehow the image is getting duplicated rather than just moved.

Wouldn’t I see a Duplicate? The bottom picture is literally the screen as it was printing.

Close the add, then reopen this file.

You should maybe repost the images full size. They’re too small to see what’s really going on…

When you hover over the left pane’s tiles, GFUI highlights the artwork that corresponds to that tile. Assuming the artwork isn’t all one operation (which it sort of looks like, engrave and cut), if you slowly hover over each of the tiles in your print, do you see anything get highlighted in the area where the incorrect engraving is happening?

Go to the top/left corner of the GFUI where I’m guessing there isn’t any artwork, and then click/drag the mouse to the bottom/right corner and let go. That’ll select everything inside the rectangle you just dragged out. Is there anything selected in the “ghost” area?

I move stuff outside the printable window and/or delete it from the print while inside the GFUI all the time and haven’t ever had this issue… Though it seems like it’d have to be a bug at the GF end and other’s would have hit it, if not me, which suggests the issue is at your end. Browser up to date? Do you have an alternate Browser you can try?

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The bottom picture shows my printable area. And you can see there isn’t another engravable item.

I’m using chrome, updated etc. even though there isn’t if I had taken an item and moved it off the board wouldn’t it just be ignored and not randomly placed on item being engraved?

Either way my printer is printing an item that isn’t placed on the UI. I just deleted everything and did the cuts but still very bizarre.

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