Image mods?

I have been trying to use a couple of different images of bees I have uploaded (more scientific looking than the glowforge standards). My problem is the wings don’t etch well. I have tried ungrouping the image where possible and thickening the lines of the wings, I have tried the trace option and even used a sharpie over the fine lines - nothing is really working well… any thoughts on this?

Are you able to upload it here? You mention ungrouping, so I assume it’s a vector? If it’s a vector that’s good, some offsetting is probably what you need.

Let us know what software you’re using to edit things here, and we can give you more specific advice. it’s good news/bad news… The good news is that it won’t be terribly difficult; the bad news is that this is probably going to be fiddly to get it just so.


Have you tried using score instead of engrave? (That would work on vectors only)


It’s definitely possible to get very fine lines etched:

You may find that rastering your image gets you closer to what you want then keeping as a vector, but like @evansd2 mentioned, loading your art here would allow us to do better than guess.

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Thank you all i will post pics when i am home next ( several days) stay tuned! Thank you much

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