Image not lining up/offset/jagged

Can you post a pic? It might help with the trouble-shooting.

I have had perfect results when engraving this image on the wood and then the next time I recreate it, it will be jagged like the first picture (bottom vine detail)

It almost looks like there is a difference in the quality of the wood. What are you trying to cut/engrave in the photo?

This is when it is engraving perfectly, the other picture was when I had tried it on paper. I am trying to engrave on 1/8" baltic birch plywood. I have been doing 850 speed with full power. Lets say I have 3 to make. Sometimes all 3 will engrave perfectly and then sometimes I can try 5 times to get one too look good. Its so hit or miss and I’ve wasted a lot of material trying to figure out why.

Check your rails and belts; make sure there’s no debris on them. Turn off your machine and move the gantry forward and back, and move the head left and right, and see if you feel any rough spots – that can help you pin down where the problem area is.

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My money is on material inconsistency.

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I agree I have seen some materials be troublesome. It is doing it on proofgrade materials as well

In that case I would suspect the file.

I’d lose the magnets. You want to keep them well away from the head when it is moving.

And the second to last one there looks like what happens when the tension on the belt under the laser arm is either loose, or it hit something. Not much of an effect, so it might just be the magnets.

But those would be the two things to check right off the bat.


I’m so sorry to hear that you’re running into trouble. I appreciate you providing so many great examples.

As @Jules pointed out, the location of the magnet may be causing unwanted behavior while printing. I noticed that you are utilizing Manual settings for this print on Proofgrade material. Does the same trouble occur if you use Default Settings on Proofgrade Material for the same design?

If it does, please let me know, and I’ll send over the next best steps for checking the pulley tension underneath your laser arm.

Thank you I will try removing the magnets. I’m not sure about the manual settings for the proofgrade. I had put the draftboard in there and when it said ready I hit the print button. Do you know what the default settings are for the proofgrade and I will try that on the same design and let you know. Thank you!

I would love to get more info on checking the pulley tension underneath the laser arm. Thank you!

I found out the problem. The lens that requires the tool removal on the laser head, must not have been positioned right. I took it out and reset it in there and it is engraving crisp again.

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I see you’ve emailed us about this issue, and I’ve sent you some next steps there, so I’m going to close this thread.