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Hey all, I often find that when I print on my glowforge the image that I choose on the material prints slightly askew of where I have it centered. Usually a little bit higher but sometimes off to the right or left. Does anyone have any hints or tips to print exactly in the location you are aiming for?

See attached.


If your machine is properly calibrated, placement by camera should be accurate to within a quarter inch. Mine is usually within 1/16” or so but, it varies by machine.

For anything like your example, though, I never rely on the camera. I always use a jig. There is lots of information on that here, if you search for “jig.”


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The lid camera has a fisheye lens which is focused for the user with the set focus tool. It is most accurate when the artwork is directly under the camera. For precise placement, you will need to make a jig or rely on the placement tool.

There are many threads in the forum discussing alignment if you utilize the search function. What you need to know is that the set focus tool needs to be used before placing your artwork. The set focus tool can be used in multiple places when setting up your file for printing.


Ditto on what they said above…jigs are the way to go!!

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