Image printed wrong

I’m not sure what caused this, and it happed to about half of my batch. The image shows scroll work above and below a word. It engrave the scroll work 90deg but the word was correct. I’ve attached an image. Any help.

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It is hard to tell from the picture, but is what you are engraving a thick item that may have been bumped by the printhead? Was the word engraved first and then the scrolls? Were you watching as it engraved?


No unfortunately I didn’t see it printing that part. It is well below the print head, with no chance of it bumping. It did the almost exact same thing to 4 of the 8 lids being printed. where the scroll work is one direction (not matching the image) and the word matching the image.

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The lowest part of the head carriage is the air-assist fan shroud that sticks down, open the front door and look behind under the head to see it.


The interface is not going to randomly tilt a part of the design and print it somewhere else. This must be a mechanical issue where the material moved or the head bumped and changed direction.


Thank you. It is the air assist. Ionly checked the power head. Thanks again.


You’re welcome!
When clearance might be in question, with the machine off you can slide the head over the work and verify, or you can use the ‘[No Math Focus Ruler](No Math Focus Ruler – Glowforge Shop’ from the catalog when you setup.


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