Image shifts during print

Hey guys, so I have a basic. I brought my image as a SVG into my glowforge. On the screen it displays correct. Once it starts it misaligns. I have ruined three sheets of acrylic now, to include proof grade material.

What I have done to TS: I restarted my GF, tried it and it did it again. Restarted GF and computer ( using MAC). Tried to print image again, and it is still doing it.

I am using white acrylic with a black core, using black acrylic setting.

Are you using the set focus before placing your artwork?


Almost certainly a loose belt under the gantry, check the belt tension - instructions are in the support pages.


It’s also possible the head bumps against the limit, or the head touched the material. That will displace the design. My machine does that if I have something places too close to the right edge, even though it was within the right side border.


To save the expense of losing material to something like this, try things out on cardboard first…it’s a great medium for prototyping.


Yes, I have set the focus. I apologize for not adding that to the initial.

I thought the first time it was just a one time thing. Thought maybe I hit the table, or it shifted, so tried again, it did it again, so then I reset it worked great, then did it again on the next cut.

I would agree with that if it hadn’t done it on two different files with two different sets of material.

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Definitely will check that! I did do a deep clean last week, but I have been using it pretty much daily since. Thank you, gonna check that now!

So you think this could be the cause?

Looks like the belt has a twist in it from that shot. Either that or the belt is too loose. I just took my carriage off to see, and mine doesn’t hang flat like that, the air assist fan weights the back down until it touches the bed without the crumb tray in place, and my belt doesn’t turn sideways like that.


The belt teeth are supposed to be pointing inward.


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