Images from one to another

*EDIT if you use the cntl C, cntl V it works. Copy and past in the box on the screen…does not work as it says in the “Latest Improvements” section. :wink:

I swear I saw somewhere we could take an image from one dashboard screen to another dashboard screen…example I have a circles in one screen and squares in another. I can’t fill the board with just the circles but I want to bring over the squares to make all one cut from 2 different screens. Screens might not be the right name but I have no idea what to call it.


Open the two designs in two tabs. Then try copying and pasting from one to the other?

Not sure if it works but I’d think it might?


If the copy/paste doesn’t work for some reason, export one of the designs to your desktop and then drag it onto the interface where the other file is already open.

By the way, the copy paste update info is on the sidebar of the Dashboard. Click on "Latest Improvements:.

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tried that…nothing. but I’ll try again.

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I have not tried that…but I will. I knew I saw directions for it somewhere but I couldn’t find it.

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That was my experiment I think. I had two windows open each to a different job. I copied in one job and pasted in the other. I did not want to confuse the machine or myself any further than that.

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Greetings -

I can’t get it to work on my iPad, but it will work in Safari on my Mac.

Select the element you want to copy.
Right click (mouse) on it and select copy.
Go to Dashboard.
Open other project you want to paste into.
When open, hit CMD-V
And it will paste that item.

This is the only combination I’ve been able to get to work correctly (on a Mac).



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