Img within SVG Alignment Issue (RESOLVED)

JUST saw this post. How very interesting! It’s funny you say that because when I went to save the file there was a split second where I thought “Hmmm… I can’t think of any reason to NOT make this a JPG.” So I did. I forget, sometimes, that my brain questions these things for a reason and it’s usually best to pay attention to that. :slight_smile:



So that looks like a cool bookmark(?), be sure to share the finished product now that it’s working right :slight_smile:

The app, computer, GF :glowforge:, router or ?

Computer only. Everything else was untouched.
The 'forge was on all day (it was a “Hey, I want to make something!” day in our house).


I’m glad you figured it out! Thanks to everyone who helped out with suggestions and troubleshooting.