Imperial Dark Side Box


So I wanted to experiment making a box for the first time so I headed over to the lazy box making page here: and just put in the parameters of a 4" box. I used some Black cardboard I saved from a frozen steak (I know, sacrilege) box. Plastered on some Star Wars icons to impress my geek friends and threw it in the :glowforge:. I kept the engrave at like 20% power hoping for the black to be vaporized from existence and boy did it! I think it looks B-E-A-Utiful. I need to find a source for more black cardboard like this!


killer. while getting it pre-tinted would be easier i bet you could color normal stuff, too.


Awesome! :grinning:


Myself and others have done the same thing with black card stock…it leaves that beautiful tan/gold image, too. Boxes are on my to-do list…nice job!


Wow, looks awesome!


Source for those awesome star wars icons?


Cool! I have a bunch of white-on-one-side cardboard, and same thing. When I first started playing with it I was messing with the power wondering why it didn’t etch any darker, and then realized that I was just taking off the pigment (and the next step is burn). I wonder if you could take the ink off some boxes that way.



Edit: Ignore my original post.

So the box was printed with black and the laser etched away the print? That looks incredible.


basically. the cardboard has a black surface, and it’s been ablated away by the laser so you see the normal cardboard instead.

i agree, the effect is striking eh.


Yes. Exactly as @jrnelson :arrow_heading_up: said up there. I’m gonna have fun with this effect.


I like how it is exactly opposite of how lasered materials typically come out, with the black faces and the edges raw. Looks really cool!