Import taxes to EU on Proofgrade and Pro

Hello Folks.

Just received my proofgrade materials ahead of my pro landing. Very exciting.

However was a bit bumbed to have to pay 46 euros in import taxes for something that should have been labelled as a gift. Just takes the shine off receiving a free gift that i didnt exactly order when i then got charged with it.

This then got me thinking about my Pro. Can you clarify that you declared the value i paid for it - rather than the value it is now worth. Otherwise my expected import taxes will have just doubled.


Glowforge has stated that they have reduced the value of the machine itself by $150 so things should equal out mostly.


They’re changing the value declared for the GF by reducing that by $150 so it’s a net zero - but you do have to pay the shipping/broker fees because it’s a separate box (mainly because they come from a different state/distribution facility) so that’s an added cost you’re bearing for the PG pack.

I would think that if this is an issue for International customers they could ask that GF not send the PG materials. They changes the declared values as a result of customer feedback (I don’t believe they can just make the PG value zero because many countries don’t allow gifts from companies to individuals for some reason that I don’t understand).


The would also need to subtract the PG shipping from the GF invoice as well or you would be left paying VAT on the PG shipping.

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That’s why I said it should equal out mostly. I did not say it would be a net zero exchange. I was simply providing the quick and dirty answer to the question.

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thanks folks. Anyone able to comment on the import fee for Pro? is it based on todays market value or value early adopters paid?

It should be based on what you paid for it plus shipping but using the exchange rate at the time you imported it.

Same Problem here. Thanks for sending me a “gift” with materials I can get way cheeper here than 46€

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If you don’t want it, you can always refuse delivery. You’re under no obligation to receive it.


Although Support is going to ask them to use the spare piece of PG Draftboard if they report print problems. If they refuse the delivery they won’t have any PG to provide Support test results against a known material.

They probably should ship the piece of test PG in the GF box.


I wonder what happens with the non pre-order machines. Presumably they don’t get the $150 starter pack that is supposed to be compensation for one of the delays. Do they just get the one sheet? It could probably fit in the crumb tray box.

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So sorry to have missed this! The charges for customs/taxes are based on the amount you paid, which appeared on the Commercial Invoice included with your Glowforge.

The Proofgrade materials are valued at $150 (their retail value). We reduce the value listed of the Glowforge printer shipment by $150 to offset this.