Impressart aluminum

I need advice on aluminum. I have a full setup of bracelet making using metal stamps. I use impressart blanks for this. These blanks will not etch with the laser. I have tried all suggestions and it won’t even make a tiny mark. Can someone tell me if there are different kinds of aluminum. The packs say anodized aluminum. I went to website that was suggested by someone on here and they had colored bracelets but also silver ones. What do those have that mine don’t. I understand the painted ones etch through the paint but how does the unpainted silver work. I have hundreds of the impressart I wish I could find a way to use those.Any help is appreciated.

I googled “anodizing aluminum” for you and found a very good description of the process (link below). It is a surface treatment that is not paint, and not bare metal. There are YouTube videos describing how to do it in a home workshop, just do some searching.

Here’s the link:

Not well for low-power laser marking.

You’ll need an additive - either colored anodizing, paint or a laser marking compound like Cermark or Laser Bond.


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