Impressive non-laser polyhedron

That’s quite the shop.


WOW!!! That’s amazing.

The domino line was great.

Where would you ever keep something as big as this?


@evansd2 I am curious, would the miters on each triangle be the same angle? From my eyeball, they look the same, but I can’t be sure.

There would probably be 3 internal dihedral angles, the miters would be half. @pubultrastar, want to fire up stella and let us know for sure?

Way I see it, you have penta-penta angles, penta-hexa angles and hexa-hexa.

Now that is a dream shop for sure! This guy is amazing.

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I think that this is a 3 Frequency Icosahedral Geodesic Sphere, with 180 sides. The dihedral angles are pretty close, but not all the same. The 2 different triangles themselves are isosceles triangles, put together to make pentagons and hexagons. Once he got the jig set correctly on his miter saw, replicating each shape was just repeating the process 180 times. Very impressive results.


I knew you were the guy to talk to.


It just means that I spend way too much time in Stella and need a new hobby. I’ve already mocked up the connectors for this in Fusion360. Might make a cool lamp.


So impressive. Thanks for sharing.

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Very cool. So much patience…

I want one of those tape dispensers.

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Absolutely gorgeous! :heart:

This one spot is hurting me in my heart hole!

This is the kinda thing you’d have tucked into the corner of an all white and chrome living room next to an empty vase, in order to give it a “homey” look
:roll_eyes: I can just see the magazine spread now!

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