Improvements to Our Repair Process: Update & discussion thread

We are upgrading to an expanded repair facility!

The transition will take a while, and, during that time, if your Glowforge has an issue and needs to be repaired by one of our technicians, we’re not going to make you wait. Instead, we’ll provide a newly refurbished replacement printer for just the cost of what the repair would have been.

Our main goal is taking care of you with a Glowforge that you can use and enjoy as soon as possible.

With the refurbished printer, you’ll get

  • Back to printing quickly – We will ship your replacement printer shortly after you say “yes, please,” so you can get back to printing your designs.
  • Inspected and tested for quality and function – Your Glowforge will pass the same tests that a brand-new printer passes to make sure that it will print well and live up to your needs and expectations. Our technicians take lightly used printers and replace worn parts, perform a 36-point quality inspection, and do full diagnostic testing to confirm complete functionality.
  • Great value - Refurbished printers cost more than a repair. If this sounds like a really good deal, and that it must be expensive for us, you’re right, but we think you’re worth it!
  • 90-day guarantee - You’ll get a 90-day guarantee on your new printer.

We will not be doing this forever. We’ll stop once we have our new repair process in place.

This thread is simply here for your information and in case you want to discuss. We won’t be monitoring it for support issues, so if you have any challenges with your Glowforge (and I hope you don’t!), please email or create a new post here in Problems & Support. We’re here to help!


Thank you, Rita…and everyone at Glowforge. This is a huge step in the right direction.


Excellent news! Hope all goes smoothly with the transition. :slightly_smiling_face:


Excellent news!


I have never needed a repair, but this sounds great. Thank you for thinking of ways to keep your customers happy and productive.


Fantastic! I think many may be near mint condition to start. Will refurbished be available to buy at that point? Thinking that may be best for someone who had a fire or was cutting a lot of pvc…


What great customer service!


Thank you for putting customer experience at your highest priority.


So I assume my machine will fall under this since you just received it on Tuesday afternoon. My question is that I have a plus with the 45 watt tube and metal carriage wheels so would this refurbished be up to the specs of what I originally paid for? At least the 45 tube correct? I think this is a great idea by the way to take care of your customers.

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@loccusst - Thanks for your question. I just followed up with you directly regarding the specifics of the Glowforge that you shipped to us for a repair.

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