In line fan?

I saw a YouTube on Glowforge the other day. I think I heard a reference to an in-line fan for the through the wall vent. I’ve noticed when cutting acrylic I do get a headache. Is this common practice? I don’t remember Glowforge stating this is something users should add to their units. If yes, what size do you recommend?
Thanks! Tom

Yes, a lot of us are using inline fans and, there has been a lot of discussion of the options:

Mine is in a 6" 400 CFM fan (Amazon link). I think the consensus is that that is about right. I am sure others will weigh in shortly.


To clarify: I don’t think using an inline fan is a Glowforge recommendation. The built-in fan is supposed to be adequate for venting the exhaust.

Generally, fumes inside are caused by things like pinhole leaks in your vent line, insufficient seal of the vent to the exterior or, an airflow path back somewhere from outside. Those are all things to check and, things that are covered in various topics you can search for here.

In my experience, there will always be a little smell from acrylic that lingers on the cut material and, escapes back into the room.


I have the same fan that @evermorian mentioned in his post. It does a great job. Just be sure to seal off the joints in the motor cover with caulk or tape to keep the fumes from escaping.


Different people have different sensitivities. Personally I like the smell of acrylic. And dry erase markers.

Anything cut on a laser will have residual smell once the fans turn off and the lid is open. An inline fan is no different than the exhaust hood over your stove. Some people use one, some don’t.


Thank you for your comments. Tolerances do vary from person to person. Based on input I received yesterday I ordered an inline 6” fan. I do want to minimize dust and odor. I may be reducing noise level too. I like the scent of the acrylic alright but when my head starts to hurt I begin thinking this might not be good for my health. I cherish those brain cells that still remain after well, many years… :slightly_smiling_face: I have a smaller air tight shop. I must admit I have been enjoying this machine more and more! I get the impression some people live with their machine and occasionally take a break for food. Who knew?


My cheap 6" Vivosun fan is so quiet, I often forget to turn it off. It’s in a back hallway near the window - my vent is 35’ total - but even standing just outside the room you can barely hear more than a quiet “rush” of air.

Of course, cheap is relative. It cost me $49 two years ago. It’s $79 today.

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