In line fan

I just received my in line fan. Do i have to turn my gf fan off? The noise doesn’t bother me as much as smell:)

No. As long as the in-line moves enough CFM (around 200) you should be good without the stock exhaust fan depending on the length of your exhaust run. The noise reduction was enormous, and I would do what I had to to prevent having to listen to that 13,000 RPM exhaust fan. Just my preference.

i have the cloud line 6?

I don’t know it, what is the CFM rating?

Had to look it up 402:)

That’s plenty, about double the requirement. I would definitely turn the onboard fan off since the booster is moving twice the air than the stock fan.
If the noise didn’t bother you, what was the motivation for the booster?

Awesome thanks so much! I have a wolf-nose! i felt like the smell was really strong :slight_smile: the quiet is a bonus!!


Your welcome!
I struggled with the integrity of my 30+’ of exhaust run for a time, until I sealed every seam and joint in it with caulk. Now there is zero odor during operation.


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