In line fans

I got the 6-inch Vivosun! :smile: I think mostly they are in the “growing” business if you know what I mean (I live in Colorado, so :roll_eyes:) because the pamphlet they sent with the fan appears to focus on that. But this fan is working great for me. Next step is to mount it to the tool cabinet that we have the GF on.

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Indoor growing (and this demand for these fans) has been around for many years, it’s unfortunate the population at-large is ignorant of this fact and makes childish assumptions. A local college we toured with my daughter grew certain produce for the cafeteria in grow tents scattered around the dining hall.

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I installed mine on New Years Day, and it is marvelous for the noise reduction. However, it seems that the 195 CFM may not be quite enough? There is a general movement of air (I can observe the smoke from the plywood being cut/engraved) toward the exhaust port, but even though that port is large enough to drop a proton torpedo through (Could not resist–sorry) there still seems to be quite a bit just swirling in the engraving chamber. Also, I can smell the smoke, which would indicate that it is leaking out the top. Is anyone else having a similar issue, or am I doing something wrong?
It is installed about 12" from the exhaust port, and has another 16" to 20" on the other side, going out the window (I didn’t measure, I just put it where I could mount it, and ran the duct to it after that).

Depending on the booster smoke could leak from the booster housing itself. I had to seal the seams in mine with caulk. Also anything downstream of the booster is under pressure, so it needs to be airtight.

My booster is about the same CFM and works fine, but my run is a bit longer than yours so I have another booster at the exhaust end besides the one next to the machine. I also removed the exhaust fan and fan grill so mine has better flow with no obstruction. (I am out of warranty)
Every bend in the duct reduces the efficiency too, so it should be as straight as possible.

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I bought that same 6" fan a couple of days ago.

I have been happy with my 190CFM 4" Vivosun for a couple of years and I still don’t get any smell or smoke since my internal exhaust fan failed and I removed it, back in September.

That said, I had only cleaned my lid and tube once in those prior two years, and since then it’s accumulated about as much again - although I have been using my machine a LOT more than I had previously. I barely used it at all from mid-'18 to mid-'19.

I have a use for the 4" fan, so I figured I’d spring for the larger one and see what happens.

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I have that and it is not enough to use alone but with the regular fan it is way better then just the regular exhaust

FWIW, I’ve found the 195CFM by itself to be just fine for ‘easier’ jobs, but still use the GF fan for jobs that will produce more smoke, or anything with acrylic:) Also, my run is probably less than 2’ long.


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