In Memoriam at a Wedding

Unfortunately, my niece passed away a few years ago way too young.

On a much happier note, her younger sister is getting married this year!! If her sister were alive, she would have been maid of honor.

She asked me to make something to commemorate her sister during-- and as a part of the ceremony.

So, I came up with a simple bouquet tie with her sister’s picture. This is just a test run. I don’t have final dimensions from the florist yet. Fortunately, the glowforge makes it trivial to adjust the design.


We lost our oldest niece this winter (just 16). She has three younger sisters. I’m definitely going to make a note of this. Love it.


What a lovely tribute, and I’m so sorry for the losses that both of you experienced.


Yes, a wonderful tribute.


That is incredibly sweet, and sure to be a lovely memento.