In Need of New Carriage Plate

Hello everyone! My air assist fan melted and the timing belt is scorched. I haven’t heard back from GF and need a resolution. Has anyone ever had this issue and replaced this?

Have a look around in there. A few people have posted wrt this issue.

I tried that nothing came up :frowning:

Search “fire”.

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I thought I had seen the carriage plates in the Shop, but maybe I dreamed it; they aren’t there now! You’ll probably need to email support to get a replacement.

I wish your dream would come true …wahhh…

yes I emailed them yesterday. just waiting to hear back.

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Emailing support is the only way you have of ordering a full carriage plate assembly. If only the fan and belt are damaged, and you have an immediate need that Glowforge support is unable to address, I have replacements are available for purchase.

Yes! Those are the only things that were damaged in the process.

I am in need of the internal fan and belt. Can you help me with that?

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Which fan? There are at least three and perhaps five if you count the power supply and intake fans (tbh I’m not sure if the power supply and intake fans are different. I assume they are).

Openglow has a detailed parts list. You can try them.

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I’ve sent you a reply by direct message, but yes.