In plane view

Recreated this thing using 1/8" BB ply masked with TransferRite U592. I had to do a bit of tab trimming as the resultant svg from the Thingiverse file was a bit too small for my plywood thickness. Still, I am very happy with the way this model turned out. I subsequently took the files into Inkscape and enlarged them while checking the slot and tab dimensions so that the next time I print this the pieces will fit without trimming.



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Sweeeet! :sunglasses::+1:

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Yeah, whenever I find a fit discrepancy, I drop it right there and go fix the file, because if I don’t - I’m likely to forget it.


I’m having flashbacks to my first solo.

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Well done! That is an impressive build

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Very neat project! Glad you were able to get it reconfigured for your material without trimming next time. Kudos for jumping on that while it was fresh in your mind.

Love it! Excellent job.

Now how about that motorcycle in the background!

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Neat! That plane would look cool hanging from the ceiling on invisible thread.

Now I ant to build that motorcycle!

Nice job it looks great