In Praise of Simple Green

So Simple Green is not something readily available in the UK, probably not even legal outside of the US, but I managed to secure some via a suspect eBay link.

This stuff is AMAZING!!!

My year old GF now looks nearly new - a whole years worth of stuck on, gunky, sticky draft board has been cleaned off.

I can even see the laser firing now!!!

I keep wanting to call it Ever Clear, which is probably also illegal in the UK.

If you haven’t bought this stuff to keep your GF clean - do it now!!


Simple Green is an incredible product… looks to me like it is distributed worldwide:


It’s what I use. The Glowforge plastic case does clean up well even with a good layer of soot.

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So that’s where the UK may draw the line on alcohol? Interesting.

When I was a kid, I had to go to my brother’s sports meet. I spent the evening rolling down hills in my brand new white pants – which obviously became covered in grass and dirt stains. I still hear about the miracle of Simple Green from my mother after an overnight soak got everything out.

Really great stuff!

(And don’t buy your kids white pants…)


I use windex. Has anyone done a side by side of windex vs simple green for this?

Yeah @karaelena introduced me to simple green. It’s amazing.

@evansd2 I do keep a package of winded wipes beside my unit to clean the glass, and they’re amazing too

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