In search of thread #100,000

Noticed that we crossed 100k threads, and tried to find the 100,000th just because I was curious who did it, and the closest I could find is 100,001. So close.

Anyone got a sneakier search skillset than I do to find it?


(It’s possible that the threads aren’t strictly sequential, or that someone started a thread and deleted it, or that GF staff did, or that it’s some sort of hidden thread… I assume there are admin threads that we can’t see? I don’t know, I’m guessing… but 100K is eluding me somehow.)


.com/t/topic ID # is supported

Try it with this one.

If it fails, the topic number is no longer valid (or in a private group).

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Ah, that is what I tried first, and it failed so I assumed the topic title was required, like:

So there you go.

I wonder if DM threads have the same number space as open threads?

They are simply sequential. Post two in a row and you’ll see…

It’s an index in a database.
I believe DM’s might also go in the same DB in Discourse. It appears that way.


That would mean that someone somewhere likely has thread 100k in their DMs. Some auto-increment somewhere assigned that to a private thread. What a shame.

That being said, 100001 is a palindrome, so that one is pretty slick too.


Also 33 in binary… so… :smiley:

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As it comes up with " That page doesn’t exist or is private", there’s no way to know.

I have links to valid DM discussions and former (but still existing) threads that come up with that now.


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