In Stock Notifications Gone?

I seldom buy Proofgrade materials, so maybe this isn’t new and I just missed it, but…has anyone noticed the ‘Email me when in stock’ button is gone for some of the materials? I’m looking at the veneers specifically. Other materials like plywood and acrylic still have the button, but not the veneers.

Just sitting on a phone call, I went thru every material that wasn’t in-stock, and the “email me when available button” came up for every one except for walnut veneer. That might indicate they no longer plan to stock it.

It does take a second or two to appear, however. Perhaps your browser is blocking whatever script drives it.

Yeah, I noticed it took a while to load, so I did let it sit a bit before posting…never loaded for the 2 veneers that are out of stock. Haven’t tried clearing cache, etc. yet though.

Ha! Maple showed in-stock when I checked it just a few minutes ago, and now it doesn’t (and no “email me” button for it either…)

So just veneers, it seems. Post over in Problems and Support.

Do you know-can I just move this one to P&S, or do I need to start a new one over there?

Nope. You can move it, but it won’t open a ticket, so they won’t see it. Only new posts do.

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Have you tried Ocooch Hardwoods , They have 1/16 ,1/8 .3/16, 1/4 all 24 inch long by 4,6, 8 wide

I’m not seeing any veneer (which is what they are looking for)?

I love Ocooch, have a lot of their wood, but yeah I was looking specifically at veneer, which I don’t believe Ocooch has.

Hard to beat the finish, masking and adhesive!

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You can look at Grizzly Industrial or Rockler

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Sauers is a brand I am trying out right now for a project. They have super thin veneer with 3M peel and stick backing, or pre-glued for ironing. It can be anywhere from fractions of an inch wide, to 4 feet wide. I got this strip of 13/16* x 50’ from Woodcraft. I’m really liking it so far. It’s unfinished but sanded, and takes any kind of finish really well.

Looks like JPPlus sells some sheets.
Woodcraft does too.

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