In the "Pipeline" / "Hopper"

I love the support and contact with the community @dan has given. It seems like they have really been listening for ideas and concepts to include in the release. I also know that because of the cloud they will be able to push out new software capabilities pretty quickly.

That being said the hopper list has probably grown pretty huge at this point and, I definitely don’t expect them to have even half of the ideas finished by the time my GF ships. So, is possible to see what the goals for software capabilities are around launch date and Q1 of next year?


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Yes @dan, anychance of a trello or similar page showing the feature road map? That’s my favourite thing from even slightly transparent development companies. Keep up the good work

No. We’ve shared on the website what to expect (at, and anything beyond that is going to be a nice surprise. : )

We will share things that have happened (bad news like delays, good news like major things that are complete, etc) but not things we plan to have happen.

Also note: the hopper is for requests, not for things that will necessarily happen. I want to be really, really sure I don’t set expectations sideways. We know we can’t be everything to everyone, but we’re going to listen carefully to you, our amazing owner community, and build the very best product we can.


@dan I’m with ya. Requests are never guarantees. I was just curious if any of them made unusually high on the to-do list.
I only ask because the software specs on the page are a little sparse.

So here is what I can gather from

• Drag-and-drop with live preview
• Trace mode engraves over drawings
• JPG, PNG, TIF, SVG, AI, DXF, PDF, & more
• Multipass — Focus can be shifted between engrave passes, allowing detailed depth engraves
• Continuous Autofocus — Laser focal point can be changed as the head travels, following complex curves during cuts and engraves (does this include rastering? because that’s impressive)
• Focus Override
• Optical Thickness Measurement
• (pro) Passthrough software uses the camera to maintain alignment as long material is pushed through
• Camera can record stills and video for documentation and sharing of projects
• cutting from both sides with optical alignment

These are all copy and pasted from Am I missing anything?

Insert silly giddy dance here. I definitely like good surprises and announcements (who doesn’t? ). I’m really excited and confident that now you all are full force putting together quite a party for your backers. No high overreaching expectations here, but if you blow my socks off I don’t have an aversion to said loss of them.

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