Included material?

Will any material be included with the glowforge that we can do a test cut on when we first get them? Seems with any tool I get, the first thing I do is look around the shop for something that I can use it on. Would be cool to have the material included to cut something right away such as that candle holder, or even a glowforge drink coaster.


The OtherMill did this really well. The mill came with all the materials to make a starter project and instructions on how to go through the process. A great way to get aquatinted with your new toy… er I mean tool.


That is a fantastic idea! What sort of materials and projects would you be interested in? I’ll collect suggestions and discuss with the team!


I agree something to make a simple project that shows off what the machine can do. Something like the tea light shown in the Tested video or even something simpler.


I think the acrylic and walnut as seen in the Tested video for the votive candle holder would be an ideal “started project” that gives you an example of two different materials and nets you a nifty first project you can use to show your friends and family. :smile:


If some sample materials are going to be included - I’d vote for a swatch of wood. :slight_smile:


Something that you assemble like the candle holder you did on the tested video that shows off the “3d” capabilitys. And a piece of acrylic that we can draw something on to test out that feature as well?

Perhaps make the packaging out of the right kind of cardboard so that it can be used?

And include a material sampler of some different wood, acrylic, some things that can be etched/engraved, so people can start playing right away?

And maybe some chocolate :smile:


Providing a project that you can make from the packaging material is dead brilliant.


I don’t know if the packaging material will be up to it, but making a stand for it to go on would be great.

I for one would like a ceramic material.

Wood. Baltic Birch Ply…

Dan I just wanted to say thank you for being so involved and responsive with the community.


How about a bit of acrylic or wood that can be used to create a “Hello World” badge that can be glued or attached to the laser cutter? I always like to print out a “Hello World” token or badge for my machines with the date on them. A nod to those early programming books where the first thing a student learned was to put those words on the screen.


Using the package material to make a project, and acquainting the user with some insanely useful skills:

Have them use their computer’s camera to take multiple angles of their own bust, pet, or other random object

Toss the image into 123dapp or other service to slice into layers.

Cut the layers, and stack them to get a 3D cardboard bust

This helps them to learn how to use a handy tool (123dapp or other), how to generate a 3D image, and gives a nice topic piece.

Happens to already be an instructables on this:

Of course, this would be pretty lengthy and involved for a first project… so maybe too scary for typical case users :smile:


I am completely new to laser cutting. I would like a set of simple tutorial projects, starting from very easy to more complex. Each tutorial would build on a skill learned in a prior tutorial. I’d like 3 or 4 tutorials that grow in complexity, that teach me all the basics of the machine, and that work up to cutting objects that can be assembled to create something in 3D. Maybe the tutorials can be based in easy-to-use free software? (Or, maybe a free trial of software?)

It would be great if the materials for the projects were included. I wouldn’t mind cardboard for early projects. Maybe wood and/or acrylic for the final project?



I love the idea of having materials included as a starter project. I hesitate about using the packing materials only that, if there is something wrong you will have to ship the item back in those same materials.

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@Mike_C: Hanging out with everyone here is always one of the best parts of my day.
@simon: Fascinating. I will noodle on that. It’s big though.
@dukescout: What sort of material? What are you thinking of making?
@jenamos: Always a staple of the shop!
@jktechwriter: First thing I printed was “hello world” on acrylic!
@jacobturner: Really good project for making use of the cardboard box it came in.
@rebecca: That’s smart. I’m trying to think of what’s hard to print, though. Pretty much everything’s easy to print! Some stuff is tricky to assemble, like the drone, but… hm. I will noodle. What have you seen that you’d like to make, but seems difficult?
@dragon_silver: Fair point. We use a lot of Amazon boxes for projects!


I’d vote for making an airplane. Something we can take outside and play around with that will get a lot of attention so that we can tell everyone “I made this on my laser 3D printer!” Or maybe something unique like a gyrocopter we can toss.

Perhaps a lasercut maple leaf-inspired copter?