Inconsistent cut and engrave times

I have noticed since the “Premium Member” pay service ended its free trial, my cuts are taking longer and the pattern is very inconsistent. Prior to and during the free trial if I had multiple identical items lined up across the material, the laser would do 1 long pass over each, now it does one at a time, then randomly moves to a different area and does another. I’m truly starting to believe the company is intentionally doing this to “Persuade” me to upgrade to the overpriced member service.

It’s easy to find correlation and assume causation, but it’s just not the case. The difference in the server is the difference between when you hit Print and when the white button glows. That’s it.

The pattern looks inconsistent because there is background figuring that decides where to go next - you can force some of it by re-arranging your commands, and/or creating your art using specific colours. You can do a search on here for pallets and find one that’ll work for you.

Multiple vector items will group together but not if they’re copy-pasted. Raster items will only group if you make them a single raster in your art program.

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If you’re engraving multiple identical items, the only way it will do one long pass over all of them is if you have combined them in your design software before importing. It has ALWAYS done each separate piece of artwork one at a time.

Cuts are going to take as long as you tell them to take. YOU determine the speed of the cut in your job settings. The only thing that will slow it down is if the design has a lot of curves and corners, since the head has to slow down to travel over those.

The ONLY speed change with the premium feature is the time it takes for your design to be processed once sent – in other words, the time between when you click “print” in your browser and the button on the machine starts blinking. And the only time that’s going to be more than a few seconds of a difference is if you’re doing extremely complicated designs with thousands of nodes.


I believe you are mistaken. The premium features do not change how a design is processed, engraved or cut. The interface is not changed by whether or not you subscribe to the premium features. The only thing that changes is the servers that process the design - not the design process. Cuts, scores and engraves take the exact same time no matter what level of service you have. This has always been the case. The time is determined by the machines, not the servers.

You have jumped to an incorrect assumption.

Hello @jerry_hunnicutt2001, thank you for reaching out with your concern. As others on here have already mentioned, the Premium feature only affects the upload time of your design from your computer to the Glowforge.

If you feel you’re starting to have some trouble with the time it takes for your prints to complete or the are concerned about the order in which they print, we’re more than happy to take a look at your design file and offer some suggestions. You can either post your design file here, if you’re comfortable with a public setting, or email us directly at and we’ll be glad to review.

Please let us know if you have any other questions or concerns. We’re happy to help.

Hi @jerry_hunnicutt2001. It’s been a while since I’ve seen any activity on this thread, and I wanted to see if you were encountering any trouble with your design file. If so, feel free to let us know on here, or through, and we’ll be happy to help.

It’s been a little while since I’ve seen any replies on this thread so I’m going to close it. If you still need help with this please either start a new thread or email