Inconsistent Cutting

Yesterday, my gf was not working at all. Today I turned it on while waiting for support and it’s magically working. However, it’s not cutting correctly. My ornament circle is definitely not a circle. I’ve re-cleaned everything, tried different cut settings, etc. Any help is greatly appreciated.

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Check for a broken/cracked wheel or a loose belt.


I’m sorry to hear that your prints are not coming out as expected. Like @dklgood suggested can you please do the following?

Could you check the tension of your belts for me?

When pressing lightly on one side of the belt, the other side should not move.

Like this:

(You should see an animated image above)

If a belt is loose, you can follow this link for instructions to adjust the tension of the carriage plate belt or here to adjust the tension of the side belt.

Please reply with a photo of the belt if you are unsure about the tension.

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Hello @heepfamily, its been a few days since we heard from you, so I wanted to check in. How are your print results turning out? Were you able to follow the steps my colleague David provided to check your belt tension?

Yes, that was part of the issue. Thanks.

I’m glad you resolved it! I’m going to close this thread. If you run into any other trouble, please start a new topic, or email us at We’re here to help!