Incredible model plane build

I mean… wow.


!!! I love when he says that it blows his own mind.

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I mean it would probably have the same effect on me. That’s just crazy.


The inside shot is epic. The whole thing is unbelievable.

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Now that’s insane.

Unbelievable skill level.
Here’s another modelling genius:

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Geez O Pete, that is incredible.

It is alleged that when Einstein and his wife visited Mt Wilson Observatory, Mrs. Einstein pointed out a particularly complex piece of equipment and asked its purpose. The guide went on about how it has extreme precision, very complex, and very expensive but able to help discover the shape of the universe.

“Oh,” she said, “my husband uses the back of an old envelope to work on that.”

It kinda feels the same as many of us have fantastic computer-driven machines able to build extremely intricate models, and along comes a guy that uses X-acto knives and Manila folders :roll_eyes:

“not even bearskins”

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