Infinite Jigsaw Puzzle (with dynamic wraparound)

I know there’s been some discussion here about fractals and tessellation puzzles. In exploring those ideas, I stumbled across a particularly intriguing example:

Their galaxy puzzle is less DIY laserable (so possibly of less interest around here) than their natural version. But it’s just neat. Y’know?


Pretty neat, indeed!

This is always a fun puzzle to bring up.

It only took @clone 30 hours to solve it.

And it turns out the company couldn’t find a decent plywood that would laser well, so they made their own.

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VERY neat!

I knew someone here must have found it already!
(my searches were not as successful)

And that blog post about making their own plywood is a nice insight into what the Glowforge crew must go through with each proofgrade material!

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Mostly, I’m curious how they designed the pieces.

They say if you can afford two or more of them, they’ll attach on any side and continue the picture. And we can see that the completed image on one side doesn’t represent the whole. The pieces on one edge don’t correspond with the other edge, until you flip them over.

For this to work in both directions, we’re looking at two blended seams. That much is easy. But, I can’t wrap my head around how you then fold and flatten that to make the sides line up.

I’m guessing it’s sort of a “plus” shape, with twice as much mass at the center than the extrusions?

That design still has seams on the back, in my head.

I mean, clearly I’m wrong. But about the seams, or the layout? (probably both.)

EDIT: Some detail here.


Yes I bought two the combine no issue

LOVE this. I’ve been a little obsessed about Klein Bottles for years. The idea of a single-sided infinity puzzle is great.