Information over Silence

Now that we begin the process, Im REALLY hoping that they over communicate instead of go through stretches silence. Personally, Im hoping for a weekly blog/podcast talking about that weeks accomplishments and next weeks plans. In the Know is SO much better than weeks of nothingness. And even bad news is better than no news.

So, heres my vote (not that I have one) for supplying us with a constant flow of information :slight_smile:


One significant barrier to that will be that many times they will have no news.

If they commit to a weekly update schedule, and make a blog/post every single week on whatever happened, then that will work decently to keep us informed, no matter how boring the topic may be.

I would say a Friday wrap-up of “What happened during Laser Thursday, and incidentally here is where we are in production” would be phenomenal. Seeing the designs from Thursday will keep it interesting each week, even if the update about production is “Still waiting for various manufacturers to send us proofs”

The last 30 days has been a whirlwind for GF, and they have had a running number to keep feeling momentum. Now they will be entering into a calm period of continual progress with no ticker-tape to remind them that things are happening.

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I think weekly is a whole lot to ask. If this were a Kickstarter campaign, we’d be seeing an update maybe once a month. The more Dan & his crew get to do what they need to do, the faster we’ll be opening up some really big boxes with even bigger smiles on our faces. I trust that when they have info to share with us, they will.

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Would love to see video of different materials. We know it can do acrylic. So how does leather or wood react in the cutting?

I would rather they spent the time getting the product finished and out to us. There is loads of info on this board, @dan is here constantly answering questions, and outside of this board there are lots of laser cutter sites and inspiration. More time they spend on “info bursts” the longer we will have to wait.

Ok. Finished the pilgrimage and arrived at GF headquarters. Having a brew next store at Ghostfish Brewing Co. Silence is ok. I’ll be patient.


I would have thought they would have made a proper sign by now. I mean they do have an office full of laser cutters.


just makes it easier to move office. they’ll need a bigger one i guess.

Yeah the blue painters tape doesn’t inspire longterm confidence. At least it wasn’t drawn with a magic marker on cardboard.

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Small shop busy on the hard stuff. Don’t need to do traditional advertising. I kind of like the ethic of putting energy into product. Really contrasts with a business that would be all about the flair and no substance.

And there could be rules placed on them by the people they rent the space from about what kind of signs they can put up.

I’m not talking about a big sign but at least cut the logo out of a nice piece of work and hang that in the window.
Hell take the wood macbook back from the sample projects and hang that.

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If only I had a desktop laser cutter, I’d make them a sign.


I love the idea of posting results from Laser Thursdays! As for continual progress updates, I’d be fine with hearing from Glowforge only at major milestones.

Over the coming days, weeks and months there will escalating and relentless pressure for updates from the “crowd” that did the “funding”. As coined by sociologists, a crowd has no conscience. The larger the crowd, the greater the momentum and the less the understanding of the development and rollout process. So, with +/- 7,500 in the crowd pony’g up nearly $28,000,000. Rock and Roll baby, it’s going to be a wild ride! Of course, I could be completely wrong. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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I am certain that the sign was only put out there for the open house so people would know that was the correct door to enter through. Remember this is rented office space; not a storefront in a shopping district. The windows are all frosted. They are there to design a product and run operations.
But again, what do I know?

I have been the project manager or chief engineer on dozens of very large engineering or S/W development efforts. Sitting in on design or production reviews and receiving or giving daily 5 minute status updates was incredibly satisfying. The GF may be the first development effort of interest where I am forced to sit on the sidelines. It’s gonna kill me.