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Can someone let me know which ink pens can be engraved on the glowforge and what are the settings?

The best thing I can suggest is that you do a search for ‘engraving on pens’…which will bring up several posts that talk about this. You have given no information about which specific pens you want to engrave, so doing some reading might be the best path forward with this. Best of luck.
Here’s one example from my search;

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Settings are determined by the material, so if your pen is made of anodized aluminum you would use different settings than if it is made of maple wood. Several vendors sell laser safe pens - for example Johnson Plastics Plus.

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Thank you

If the pen barrel is made of PVC you really don’t want to put that, or any other PVC in the laser.


Yeah - make sure they are laser-safe!! :slight_smile:

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