Inkscape 1.0. Finally

I guess I’ll have to update now.


Very nice :slight_smile: thx for the update.

Their update video


One thing I don’t like is the new way to do hershey text.

It’s probably better but it was just not what I was used to and so it must be condemned.


Thanks for the alert!
And remember Change is good, keeps your mind flexible…


I’ll have to update tomorrow, too.

RC1 was much less pleasant to use than the previous 1.0 beta, at least on Mac. It was painfully laggy. Dragging objects didn’t work right (the object hung back from the cursor by an unpredictable and variable amount). If you dragged an object across another object, the object you dragged across moved instead. It crashed on exit every time. The stuff I did this evening easily took twice as long as it should have.

Here’s hoping they fixed that stuff for the release!

(Thank you for posting about it. I’ll likely get off the RC faster than I would have without your mentioning it.)

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So windows 64 bit inkscape, just tried to drag a PNG to the workspace to import it and it failed. Am I doing something wrong?

I used the import menu and it worked fine. Do not like this change.


Restarted Inkscape and now it works. I wonder if this was because Inkscape was running with elevated permissions? Maybe this ran directly after the install (and was therefore running with the installer’s permissions…?), I can’t remember.

One really good thing about it: it now uses SVG fonts for hershey text so (a) it can use proper curves rather than lots of little straight segments, (b) it can handle non-ASCII characters, and (c) it should be easier to get more hershey fonts in the future.


I haven’t seen it crash, but wow is it laggy. I wouldn’t want to try to draw anything in it right now.

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I messed with the release version this morning for a couple minutes. The drag behavior seems much improved. I’ll likely get to try it in earnest tonight or tomorrow.

Plus you can paste formatted blocks of text and it will convert them, instead of having to arrange manually.

That, and built-in centerline trace are the only things I’ve liked on the previous “1.0” releases. Loads more bugs than 0.92.whatever for me, but I’ll try this version and see.

I am wondering about what extensions might not work. Not that I use them all the time. If it is more legible, then I’m all for it in the end.

I need to find out if the filleting tool works well. I really liked the rounded corners extension, not sure if it’ll work with the new version

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I found a quick outline of stuff here…


I don’t like how wide the tool dialog sidebar is, it cuts way too much real estate from my monitor.
Maybe this is the reason to upgrade monitors? Get one of those massive wide ones.

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Yeah noticed that as well. i just hit the button at the top tho to iconify them and opens it up

I would be lost in inkscape without two monitors. even then the second monitor is crowded so three monitors would not be crazy if the computer can manage it.

So I know I will hear from the people for whom this is normal, but the new Y-axis zero point and axis flip is really annoying. -3" Y should move it down, not up. This is really counterintuitive from a math standpoint.

Yes yes I know. Don’t start with me :wink:

Uncheck Preferences/Interface/Origin at upper left (requires restart)…

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Nice, I figured it had to be a preference in there somewhere.


I was following some tutorials for kerf compensating from the forum tonight. Then I found that the new version of Inkscape there is support for offset that works great! What a time saver.

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