Inkscape 1.2 released

Here’s the release synopsis so you can decide if you even want to go look:

Inkscape 1.2 is the latest major Inkscape release that brings you many fresh new features and new functionality.

Release highlights

  • Inkscape documents can now hold multiple pages , which are managed by the new Page tool
  • Editable markers and dash patterns
  • Layers and objects dialog merged
  • On-canvas alignment snapping and Snap settings redesign
  • New ‘Tiling’ Live Path Effect
  • Redesigned Export dialog with preview and ability to select objects/layers/pages and even multiple file formats to export to
  • Import SVG images from Open Clipart, Wikimedia Commons and other online sources
  • Selectable object origin for numerical scaling and moving
  • All alignment options in a single dialog
  • Gradient editing in the Fill and Stroke dialog
  • Gradient dithering
  • SVG Font Editor updated
  • Flowing text around shapes and text padding
  • Convenience Boolean operation for splitting paths
  • Configurable Tool bar , continuous icon scaling and many more new customization options
  • Performance gains for many parts of the interface and many different functions
  • Lots of improvements to the user interface
  • Numerous crash & bug fixes in the main Inkscape program and in in the stock extensions
  • and so much more!

I haven’t tried it yet, so this isn’t exactly an endorsement :slight_smile:


Oopooooo I’m excited to try this!!!


I would like to see dimensions and edit the parts at the same time like Autocad does it. That is one area that drives me nuts


Got an Autocad screenshot of what you mean?


I’m really interested to see how pages works and how it applies to the GFUI


Yeah I saw that and was thinking “this sounds unsupported”.


Cant show how interactive it is as there are many interactive nodes, but if you enlarged one of the circles the dimension would follow it. In inkscape you can’t have two measurements or change the size of the circle while looking at the measurement.

cad dimension


Really it all depends on how it presents itself to the UI, if it is imported to support as if 2 svg’s we’re added, then by all means that should work. Otherwise yeah sounds like a very unstable setting

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I’m am excited by all the enhancements.

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Adobe’s $ub$cription model has breathed new life into Inkscape!


Thank you!

No kidding. I just got an email from Adobe yesterday indicating a price increase effective at my annual renewal. Inevitable I suppose.


$4.3B income with 30% net profit… It’s clearly working for them, just not for me.


Well I am trying it. There are quite a few annoyances as stuff is arranged differently. If an object is not hidden no icon shows, only when hidden does the icon stay visible, otherwise you have to hunt it where it should be.

When subtracting a complex part it misses big areas, even when you tell it not to. It had this behavior before but not as bad. And if possible I swear the text is smaller than before. I am going to have to get a screen magnifier to read the screen. Making even the icons smaller, makes moving them around ever more problematic as once memorized I did not need to read them before.


Thanks for taking one for the team.

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I’m in the “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” camp. I’m on 1.0.2 - it does everything I need and I’ve never had an issue. I did have issues with earlier 1.x releases so still have 0.9 installed but haven’t needed that for a long time now.

It is great they keep upgrading/adding features and I recommend people I’ve taught try it out.


Dimensions that don’t vanish would be a a nice fix but that is still broke as best I can tell. :frowning_face:

Affinity Designer shows the dimensions as things are dragged to change size/spacing. (If I understand what you’re looking for.)

Here I’m pulling on the bottom middle handle and the current Height value is shown as it’s scaled.

Here I’m moving the bottom right handle and it shows the current H and W values while changing the size.

And here I’m moving the whole oval sideways and it shows the distance way from the rectangular as I move it.


[ I was sick of Adobe’s fees so tried using Inkscape for awhile but I didn’t like the UI very much. The new UI does look better though. But about 1.5 years ago I got the demo of both Affinity Photo and Affinity Designer (similar to Photoshop and Illustrator) and rather liked it. When Affinity had one of their 50% off sales (about once or maybe twice a year it seems) I bought both both. For a one time fee of about $26 each I have been quite happy for my hobby needs and haven’t looked back. ]

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