Inkscape Break Apart and Re-Combine Problems

Hey guys, I’m trying to engrave a fairly complicated piece and was running into problems with it, so I went to change the engrave into multiple parts. Using Inkscape I clicked “break apart” under path to separate the compound path and “combine” to re-combine the pieces I wanted to be connected. All’s well, I now have multiple pieces I can make different colors for a multi-step engrave. However, when I went to load it into the GFUI I got this:

Note that this is only a small subsection of the larger engrave.

I’ve checked the fill and stroke. The whole thing looks the same as it did before I tried to break that piece into multiple parts. I just can’t seem to find what I changed to make it appear as a black rectangle on the left. I’ve included the zip with the piece from the picture if any Inkscape experts would be kind enough to check it out. I can get it to work by exporting as PDF but I’d rather not go that route.

Thanks! (6.8 KB)

Interestingly enough, it seems to engrave just fine. Is this just a rendering issue in the GFUI? I’m so confused now…

Do you have a bounding box around your drawing that is filling, so interpreted as an engrave?

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As far as I can tell, no. I did a select all to see if there was a white box around my stuff, but only the two pieces showed up. Like I said, it actually does engrave correctly, it just doesn’t render correctly on the left side of the GFUI :thinking:

I just uploaded your file and it does exactly what you said happens! Strange!!! Another mystery!

Why are you engraving those thin lines instead of scoring them?

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Beeeecause I didn’t think about doing that! :sweat_smile:

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Also, it may not work for the rest of the piece because there’s a lot of really short lines, and I don’t know if the over burn scoring causes would be a problem

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I love the draft score setting on the mdf draftboard, gives an amazingly fine line. Good luck!!!

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Thanks! I’m trying to engrave line art of a device one of my co-workers designed, and I wanted it to be on some black-and-white two tone acrylic from inventibles. I’ll try scoring as soon as I can get back to my laser, but that might not be until Thursday or maybe even next Monday :sob:

Hope you don’t get GlowForge withdrawal disease from being away from it for so long!!! :slight_smile:

When you use break apart in Inkscape putting things back together is not straight forward. First of course is that everything will have the same properties of colors and line weight. Using the combine command usually works well for two unconnected objects but if one is inside the other or overlapping the results can vary widely depending on many specifics.

Many other “combining” commands include union that grabs the outside of everything, exclusion that removes the object above from the object below so it is important to look at your list of objects to make sure which is which. Intersection includes only what is common to both objects and a few more I almost never use. But it is worth the time to check out the various differences.


Ah, okay :slight_smile: I’ll look into those other options more.

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I’m so sorry that your file did not upload as expected.

I extracted the logs from your Glowforge. It looks like you were trying to upload a file that has Clip-Paths, Clip-Masks, or Masks. Some design software uses these techniques in the technology underlying other tools, like pattern fills, so they can show up unintentionally. I suggest returning to your drawing software to remove or edit the affected shapes. You can use a path subtraction tool, expand patterns into paths, or rasterize the artwork.

Please let us know how it goes,


I file I uploaded in the original post didn’t throw any clip-path warnings in the GFUI that I can remember, but I guess I can look into that too. Thanks for the info about the logs!

I have found that dynamic offset can throw out a lot of sub-pixel sized objects that can need chasing down, and it would oly take one of those to cause the issue you see, and worse problems if the laser does try and cut them.

I think the warning only shows up once per “session”. Or, it used to be that way. If you had gotten the message once, you wouldn’t get it on subsequent uploads, unless you had closed the app tab or logged out, etc.

It’s been a little while since I’ve seen any replies on this thread so I’m going to close it. If you still need help with this please either start a new thread or email